Driveways and Walkways

Driveways are a focal point of your house. They need to be built and deserve proper care and attention we give.

There are certain types of stones that are recommended for vehicular traffic.  The length of the stone should not be more than 3 times its thickness.

Walkways and paths leading to or from a patio can continue the look of the patio, or can be designed to be a separate element.

The way the stones are set can give a completely different appearance.




Steps and Coping

Most pavers have a spacer on the side of the stone. The purpose of this is to allow room for the sand. These types of stones were not designed to view the edge like one would on the step or pool coping.

Years ago, there were no stones made to view from the side; however, today there are many different kinds of stones that can be used for steps, wall cap and pool coping.

Seal and Repair

Need to repair, clean and protect your paver investment? We offer competitive rates and quality work.


Any kind of stone can be used for patios as it does not have to support a vehicle.

The new look is to use larger stones.

There are several paving stone manufacturers in Florida, with a lot of varieties to choose from.

We work with all the different manufacturers to help the homeowner pick the best stone for their patio.



Garden Walls

Garden walls (also called segmental walls) are not designed to retain a steep slope.  Typically, they can be built 30 inches tall and retain a level planter behind them.

Building them higher can be done but will require special treatment and engineering.

Each individual block is connected to the row above it with either a 3/8″ diameter fiber glass pin or with masonry adhesive. Once in place, the wall is finished and needs no stucco or veneer on its face.

There are at least a dozen different types of walls and each have their own look.